Measuring connectors for hydraulic and pneumatic systems

  • Wide range of screw-in measuring connectors as well as measuring couplings for the pipe connection area, for worldwide suitable applications.
  • The extensive range of accessories for measuring hoses and pressure measuring devices.
  • Solid-state RFD pressure measurement technology.

Components for monitoring and analysing of hydraulic fluids.

  • Analog and digital manometer
  • Meassuring and testing decives for fluid technology
  • Laser particle counter
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Flow measurement turbines
  • Oil condition sensor OCS
  • Oil sampling set
  • and much more

Application areas

Monitoring of the most important parameters in mobile and industrial hydraulics:

  • Pressure
  • Differential pressure
  • Temperature
  • Filling level
  • Volume flow
  • Contamination
  • and much more
Our partner:

Measurement box (digital) SMB-DIGI
In addition to the SPG-DIGI single devices, the STAUFF digital manometers are also available as part of a measurement box.

Measurement box (analogue) SMB
In addition to the SPG single devices, the STAUFF manometers are also available as part of a measurement box.

Analogue- / digital manometer
The measurement of system pressures is indispensable for monitoring and ensuring the smooth functioning and operational safety of hydraulic systems.

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