STAUFF clamps are known for more than 5 decades in almost every industrial country as a synonym for quick and easy pipe-,hose- and cable-fastening as well as clean and clear cable routing.

Their vibration dampening and sound absorbing properties are graded as an important contribution to preventive environment and labour protection.

The technical maturity and succesfull testing as well as the release of many international certification organisations  are reasons for the application of STAUFF clamps.  Furthermore, the unrivalled fast delivery by the manufacturer and the company Held as competent sales partner speak in favour of using STAUFF clamps. Even for special constructions according to customer specifications or based on own developments, a prompt service is ensured.

Application areas:

  • Industial hydraulics and mobile hydraulics
  • marine industry, oil and gas industry
  • Process and chemical industry
  • Foodstuff industry
  • Mining industry
  • power plants and reactors
  • Wind energy plants
  • Industrial piping
  • Transport and supply lines
  • Compressed air and lubricating oil lines
  • Measurement- and control engineering

More Information

  • Quick and simple pipe, tube and cable fastening
  • Clean and clear cable routing
  • Vibration dampening and sound-absorbing
  • Clamps in block form according to DIN 3015
  • Clamps of the light series
  • Flat steel clips and round steel clips
  • Metal clamps
  • other variations
  • Special clamps

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